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10 Tips To Producing Outstanding Events 
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Let me show you how to go to the NEXT LEVEL with your events! 

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The Expert's Guide to Producing Outstanding Events Can Be Yours!
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Save Money, Time & Stress...learn from the the HERO...

So you want to know how to turn your audience into raving fans and motivated buyers? Let me give you the tools you need to get it done with mastery!
Before you...
✔HIRE that expensive Producer, Coordinator or Manager...

✔Spend WEEKS trying to figure out how to get it all done...

✔Negotiate that venue contract and get hosed...

 Get the GUIDE...
that delivers all the tools you need and maintain control of the details and be a leader in your industry.
And just HOW do we do it 
Prepare as if you have to be
COVID-Compliant so your
event won't get canceled!

You need to start preparing
 NOW if you're going to do anything 
in the first half of 2021!   

If you're not ready for the entire Expert's Guide to Producing Outstanding Events and ONLY want the tips on how to make your event COVID Complaint, click here and purchase the Legal Waiver, Safety Guidelines and Checklist for $27.99

Let Me Tell You Why I'm The Expert

"MiiG helped us transform our idea into a reality when she produced our 3000 person festival and fund raiser.  We couldn't do it without her and we wouldn't do it again without her.  Her knowledge is invaluable to our success!"  

-Chelsea Larson, founder of the For You Network
After producing events professionally 
for 4 years, I've crafted.....

The Expert's Guide To 
Producing Outstanding Events!

Modules can be purchased individually or as one comprehensive collection...

Module One: Setting yourself up for success...
In this section you'll learn the secrets to MARKETING internally to your workforce or externally to the public for ticket sales.  You'll map out your TIMELINE, create the skeletons of the PLAYBOOK, learn how to get discounts from VENUES, get SPONSORS and SAVE MONEY!

Buy Module One for $149

Module Two: Executing with excellence...
With execution comes the skills you'll need to building a great CREW & VOLUNTEER team, have stellar AV MANAGEMENT without paying the high professional fees, know how to escalate the speaker and message FLOW, the best REHEARSAL strategies, STAGE DESIGN tips and how to get your audience to take MASSIVE ACTION! 

NOT YET AVAILABLE -- Buy Module Two for $129

Access to the expert...
You'll gain access to my MEMBERS PAGE where only members can find out the latest and greatest tips on the current conditions on public gatherings and event venue discount strategies.  Immediate entry into my private FACEBOOK GROUP where experts and amateurs share their stories, questions and struggles of putting on events all around the world. Plus you can schedule your 30 MINUTE CONSULTATION with me!

Buy Module Three for $99

MiiG The Producer
My friends call me Marlene and I'm the CEO and Founder of MiiG Enterprises Presents.

After 20 years in Corporate America I took all I learned and followed my dreams into a life of putting people on stage who had a message to share with the world!  

When COVID shut down my event center and I lost everything I had to figure out what was next.  Knowing there is an end in sight and that people still need to share their message...and that people will WANT to gather as soon as it's safe...I decided to share my knowledge and teach the world how they can do this too!

After all, I can't possibly do all the events myself! So let's make the world a better place together by producing events that dazzle audiences, delight your clients and inspire people to take massive action on the message you're sharing!
The Expert's Guide To 
Producing Outstanding Events
Here's what you'll get when you gain access to the Guide:
✔Playbook Template: The most important tool that you and your team need to manage every minute of the entire event.'s your bible for the day!

​✔How To Save Money Negotiating Hotel & Convention Center Contracts: The secret lies in communication, details and future commitments.   And bonus...right now hotels and convention centers are willing to make great deals!

✔Crew & Volunteer Management: Behind the scenes proven tactics that make your team invaluable and showing up excited to work.

​✔Timeline Developer: Know what needs to be done when, when to plan, when to promote, when to activate and when to execute...and how to keep all the details in one organized plan.

​✔Audio Visual Management: Different speakers require different microphones. Loud talkers, soft talkers and knowing your audience demographic is key to nailing the AV component.

​✔Best Rehearsal Strategies: Most Keynote Speakers and Presenters don't want to rehearse. I'll give you the secret that will make everyone want to show up and do a formal walk-through.

​✔Speaker Flow & Message Escalation: Did you know that you can control the energy of the audience, which ultimately will motivate them to purchase or agree to whatever it is you need them to take action on?

​✔Marketing Internally & Externally: You want to fill the room with an audience that is EXCITED to be there. They bring the energy with them so make sure they're excited to be there! Learn what to do for Corporate Events as well as Ticket Sales.

​✔Get Sponsors & Save Money: Find businesses that are aligned with your messaging, that have employees who need to hear your message and reduce your costs by sharing the expense. Get the tool that structures your Tiered Sponsorship offers.

​✔Stage Design Tips: Learn the secrets behind the impact of a great stage design, big or small, and what it will mean to your audience, photographers and speakers.

​✔COVID-19 Guidelines: How to run an event with touchless registration and event execution, keeping guests, speakers and crew safe and healthy. 

​✔Facebook Group Membership: A space where the experts share ideas and experiences that help us all level up our skills, plan for the worst and learn how to navigate the pitfalls of large event management. (Did I tell you about the time the hotel got evacuated during one of my events.......OH BOY...that was a doozy!)
✔1 Free 30 Minute Consultation: Bring me your event idea, tell me your vision and mission, and I'll give you tips you need to get the results you desire.

Don't have the time or interest in running the show yourself?  

Interested in hiring MiiG to produce your event?  

Complete this application to see if we could work together.

So, let's talk about the different
and which one is right for
delivering YOUR message...

An event that brings together a group of people that are united by an affiliation. Multiple speakers and presenters with the end-goal of aligning beliefs, values, missions or perspectives.

An event that brings together a varied group of people who are interested in the overall theme of the event, expecting to see a variety of speakers and presenters, as well as varied subject matter. Vendors, breakout sessions/workshops and activities are expected, offering opportunities for a variety of businesses to grow sales, consumer loyalty and find their ideal consumer.

An event that brings together a group of people wanting to learn about or understand a concept, experience or lesson on a specific subject. Event goers expect to see a variety of speakers and presenters who are subject matter experts on the topic directly related to the title of the seminar.

An event that brings together a group of people wanting to learn and be educated on one specific subject. Event goers expect workbooks, lesson plans and relevant handouts that will help them grasp the concept post-event. There may or may not be more than one presenter.

Similar to Symposium but with a more limited scope of subject matter appealing to a more targeted audience who may have something in common. Event goers expect to see a variety of speakers and presenters who have overlapping and complementary subject matter. The speakers and presenters may sell their courses, programs, books, retreats and other elements that grow their business and audience.

An outdoor event that unites a community with a theme that delivers entertainment and connection with local businesses, leaders, performers, entertainers, educators and vendors for goods and services.

Vendor Event:
An indoor or outdoor event that allows local businesses to showcase their products and services to the community.

Product Launch:
Large corporations, small businesses and everything in-between can create an event that brings people together with the intention of creating brand ambassadors, product endorsements and brand loyalty in an overall effort to drive growth through sales of a product or group of products.

Fund Raiser:
Almost any event type can be transformed into a fund-raiser. It's all about getting sponsors and an audience that supports your cause. The games, raffles, auctions and prizes are secondary to funding the event with sponsors and creating an audience who believes in your cause.
BONUS! The Epic Event Playlist!
The Epic Event Playlist...
Is filled with 50 of the greatest event songs that you can use for Intros, Outros, Opening, Closing, Breaks and emphasis.  They're songs that are relatable to nearly any generation and can drive a real punch when used at just the right moment!  Keep your audience moving and engaged with music that tickles their senses and gets them moving at just the right moment.
You'll be the HERO when you know how to do all these things 
yourself without hiring an expensive contractor!
get ready for 2021 and start learning to produce an outstanding event nOW!
You CAN have LIVE events TODAY!

(depending on your county/state ordinances for COVID-19)

Learn How To Keep Your Guests Safe!
I just produced a Golf Tournament on August 21st for nearly 200 people...with touchless registration, no lines, no gathering and no exposure to any of our guests!  

It was a huge success and I did this while our county is in a stage 2 ordinance where no more than 10 people can gather at a time.  I did it 100% Touchless and you can too!!  
Here’s A Recap Of
When You Purchase 
The Expert's Guide to Producing Outstanding Events!
  • Playbook Template (Excel File) ($97 Value)
  • Hotel & Convention Center Negotiation Tips ($299 Value)
  • Crew & Volunteer Management Guidelines (priceless)
  • Timeline Developer Template (Excel File) ($197 Value)
  • Audio Visual Management Secrets ($999 Value/Savings)
  • Rehearsal Strategies ($599 Value)
  • ​Speaker Flow & Message Escalation Guidance ($299 Value)
  • ​Marketing Internally & Externally ($599 Value/Savings)
  • ​How to Get Sponsors & Save Money ($1999 Value)
  • ​Stage Design Tips ($899 Value/Savings)
  • ​COVID-19 Guidelines (priceless)
  • ​Facebook Group Membership ($97 Value)
  • ​1 Free 30 Minute Consultation ($99 Value)
  • ​Epic Event Playlist (time saver 😉)
Total Value: $6,183
But today, you're getting all of this...
For Only $297

Producer Pro Pack and One on One Speaker Coaching only available with purchase.

Upgrade to the Producer Pro Pack
Only $99

  • Producer's Pack: An easy-access pack to carry everything you need at your fingertips for the day. NEVER let your cell phone die during an event, so use the handy charger pack. Lastly, always be prepared with a first aid kit and some advil!
  • Virtual Event, Stage Design & Exclusive Swag Resources: Get the inside scoop on the pros and cons of the different virtual platforms. Learn what tools you need to keep your audience engaged during a virtual event and all the swag you can get your hands on. PLUS you'll get access to the stage design library.
  • Concierge & Coaching: With me as your Concierge, you'll be sure to work out the bugs before going live with your virtual event! Get access to the insider info. on how to find and cultivate a great Emcee. Speaker coaching needed for your Emcee or Keynotes? Use my favorite coaching resources or work directly with the Expert Speaking Coach, Charity Majors (Additional $329 for 3 private coaching sessions)

Expert Speaker Coaching with Charity Majors

  • SAVINGS of over $420!!
  • 3 One on One Coaching Sessions that will give you the clarity and confidence you need (or your speaker needs) to deliver their message with IMPACT and EXPERTISE!
  • BONUS Access to Charity's private Facebook Group where you'll connect with other like minded professionals.
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